Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Burns Court

"We build our games like a Japanese garden, where the design is perfect when you cannot remove anything else. I think that by doing that, the voice of your work is more coherent. If you have a lot of clutter on the top, the work may be more impressive, but you won't really know what it's trying to say. Games have to be emotional. People need to experience a powerful range of feelings."

fascinating article about thatgamecompany

10.15.12edit// reworked the shadows a bit :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello all!

Been seeing a bunch of other people post their artwork for the thesis pitch that didn't get picked, so I thought I'd jump the bandwagon! This pitch was about a gas station manager who discovers a wild bear on his property, and ultimately discovers that the bear is not quite what he seems to be...  We were really trying to go for a graphic super stylized, yet still 3D (not toon shaded) kind of style, if that makes any sense heh...


In other news, it's summer whoo! Seems like it'll be a very exciting summer!