Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art and Stuff

I've been really productive with schoolwork since Spring Break ended, and it's been great.

a painting with neutral colors... aka a loaf of bread. I think this painting is my first semi-successful painting in color class.

My series of 5 self-portraits. The concept of this one was to treat the 5 portraits as a set, and I did so by using my strand of yellow dyed hair to link them together and lead the eye through the paintings. This was great. I felt myself improve as I finished each painting. It was a great experience.

Anddddd lastly, my owl character! I'm not really satisfied with the way I stuck the wings out at 15 degrees in my turnaround, but I really don't know how to fix it - and I've tried several ways. I had a ton of fun coloring OOL in though :) I can't wait to animate him!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Its Spring Break!

Finally had time to go to the labs to scan some recent art in.

Trying to emulate Leonid Alfrenov's style of painting. Putting pure colors on the canvas is fun.

My Reflective piece

my 'personal' piece. i dunno. The scanner made the colors really bright.. or maybe it's normally like this? idk.

I've been thinking about how to improve my paintings, and I've decided to just become looser with my brushstrokes, push the color more and add meaning to my paintings. This sounds rather broad but I have the idea in my mind. I think I want to try one of those super graphic design-y paintings... they seem to be all the rage nowadays. I doubt I'll enjoy it that much but I think I'll be able to take something away from the experience.

I've also been working on caricatures. I think people who can whip out a caricature well are amazing and inspirational to me. Caricature and Watercolors. Finally pulled out that water brush pen i got awhile back. It's lots of fun!

This is Cat Ha.. or was supposed to be. It doesn't look like her at all hahah but I kind of like it anyways. This was my first semi-successful attempt at watercolors.

This was someone from a movie Keem and I were watching. I drew it with blue pencil, blocked in some watercolors, and decided to mess with it on photoshop.

Hope everyone from Ringling is having a great spring break!