Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lately I've been feeling like I'm not improving enough, that I'm not even close to the standard I expect myself to be at by now.

But I guess all I can do is workworkwork:

Christine Kim and I are going downtown to Pastry Art to sketch/creep on people tomorrow! hurrah! :]


  1. Oh wow, Pastry Art?
    Sounds like fun... let me know how it goes.... :|

  2. i would beg the differ. based from the painting im seeing above you have really improved on your painting skills. Just remember when life drawing, always aim to draw through the form and just capture the essence of what you are observing rather than merely copying it (even if you have to exaggerate it a little)

  3. Love your blog Elaine ! Keep doing your thang :]
    - PChew